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the round table, fixed, about nix
need friends, slipping away, let go
About Nix.

He breaks up with Liam for good when he turns 25. He thought he could have two lovers and everyone would be happy. He tells Shaylee a few hours after he tells Liam it's over, not able to stand the constant sneaking around behind the other's back. Not able to stand the distance of his man.

He tells Shaylee that he's no longer dating Liam, and that he's sorry it took him so long to figure it out. He tells her he loves her, takes her out to dinner and a movie.

When the lights dim, he closes his eyes and hopes that he hasn't acted too late to fix the hole in their relationship.

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aw. it's okay that it's not happy and summery. i adore you anyhow.

i'd like to work with this future--er, i guess actually current--nix/shaylee thing.

go for it. it's some cross between future and current, as it's his age now, but i'm not sure if this is where i wanted to go. or if i wanted him to have the nice little threesome happiness.

basically, nix was being a sad boy in my head today.

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