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the final request from thefragyle
chicks, pants, showing it all, dancing
From Nisha.

It has only been a handful of days since I was last in this park. Less than 48 hours, I would suppose. But it has been an age, to say the least, since I was here with anyone. I find myself grinning far too wide, stuffing my hands deep into my pockets to try to contain myself. To try to be chill about this situation.

Ciska is walking alongside me, talking inanely about this and that. I am not sure she even realizes how her arm is brushing mine with every step, until I link them together myself. She jumps, startled at the touch. “So I can keep up,” I tell her with a smile.

“Am I complaining?” she asked, with a pat to my arm and pulling me in tighter.

We find ourselves shortly at the swings, lazily dragging our feet on the squishy cork they have covering the entire playground. And I cannot help but laugh when I hear her talking about her brothers, being kids, playing in the park.

“I got a black eye once. My brother pushed me off a swing because I was winning. He was mad at me about something… something stupid, I am sure. My parents killed him when we got home.”

“Well that was pretty… childish,” I said slowly, caught between a frown and a laugh. “A victory for girls the world over, but mean to do to you, you know?” I keep swinging higher and higher, even as she slows and stops, the frame of the set shuddering and jerking with each pass before I start myself slowing. “At least you can feel free here,” I say low enough that I think she cannot hear me.

“This place does make you feel free. It is a really, really good feeling.” I jump off the swing, barely catching what she says. I am not nearly as young as I wish I was, and I tumble to the ground hard. She rushes over to me, cool fingers patting my arm lightly. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” I drawl out, gingerly standing and dusting myself off, “just bruised. I was feeling free, sure. But, I guess I am far from young and free now. Just let me soothe my ego for a bit. I think I bruised my pride on that fall, more than anything else. Maybe we could try something else?” I ask, hoping against hope to leave the danger of the swings for something more stationary.

“Lead the way,” she smiles, gently wrapping her arm in mine.

The night keeps getting cooler as we walk forward aimlessly, each structure having some horror story attached to it. She talks about her twin brothers Vanya and Yuriy as they come to a jungle gym and I move away to climb up a few bars. I am laying out over the curve of it, feet hooked in the bars to lock myself in before I hold out a hand to her blindly, inviting her up beside me.

“I am not coming up there! You are dangerous, remember?”

I pout at her, eyes closed but head turned to her. “But you really want to join me on here. I am not all that dangerous, anyway.”

She shakes her head. “No. I learned my lesson a long time ago. I will fall.”

“We are not going that high,” I reassure her. “The stars are so pretty at this angle.”

“If I fall, this going to be the end of you and me,” she warns me, finally taking my hand and joining me at the top. “Happy now?”

A grin cracks my face. “Thrilled, love. Thrilled.” The grin never leaves my face, possibly growing more when she rests her head on my shoulder. “I promise I will not let you fall,” I whisper, not sure if I am promising her or my heart.


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