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for dani: 4 down, 1 to go.
need friends, slipping away, let go
From Nisha.

It happens when I am facing east, away from the red orange glow of sunset. It happens when I cannot see the clouds above me turn angry red and bruised purple. When all I can see is the sky stretching endlessly lavender and blue and black. It happens when I least expect it.

Her hand falls on my shoulder. Her lips press against my cheek; her lip gloss making them sticky and the kiss lingering. The citrus bright flavor-scent of her hair weighs heavily on my tongue and permeates every breath I take, every bit of the shared air around us sweetened with her peppermint breath.

She has her view impossibly illuminated; the sun bright in her eyes, making them water with the effort it takes to ignore the hot electric glare that is burning her retinas as she shares my space. She moves her head into the shadow cast by my own, blinking rapidly to clear her gaze as her arms wrap around the back of my neck.

“You are a real sweetheart, did you know that?” She grins then, teeth sharp and gleaming in the darkening skies. “No one would have done this for me. Nobody would do this but you, honey.” She presses her forehead to mine and rubs our noses together with a laugh. “You are my hero, Nisha baby. Do not let anyone tell you different, either.”

I bite my bottom lip and crack a smile. “They say ‘nice guys always finish last,’ right? Honey, I cannot do that.”

Her head tilts back in a louder laugh, ringing brighter in the cool air of approaching night, as I wrap my arms around her waist to support her. When she looks back at me, her eyes are sparkling, and she taps the tip of my nose lightly. “Good thing that you are not a guy then, huh?” My eyebrows tilt up in acknowledgement and self-deprecation.

I am not expecting it, not again, though we are pressed as tightly together as lovers below the waist, arms wrapped intimately around each other. I expect nothing, though I should have known. She chastely applies a kiss to my lips, sticky sweet like cotton candy and twice as innocent. The sun is nearly fully set behind us, and she is still holding on tight, dusk painting her blush shades darker on her cheeks.

“Baby, you do not even know, do you?” I stare at her blankly, feeling my face is more cast in shadow but clearer to read than hers. A long moment passes where her eyes are boring directly into me, leaving me feeling awfully naked to her. She shakes her head finally, tugs on one of my braids with a sigh and steps apart. “Come on, lover. I think it is time to meet the folks and get this awful dinner out of the way.”

Still confused at her weighty stare, I follow behind her, my hand wrapped warmly in her own and coat trailing behind me as the breeze picks up and swirls into the nothingness of night.


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