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chicks, pants, showing it all, dancing
About Alex.

The only room they have left open is in Sifu, where some of the professors and graduate teaching assistants boarded during the school year. The student dorms are full up of artists and writers, kids his own age and older. He nods and accepts it, knowing that the Kunst School did not have to cater to him, a drop out with no real ties to the school anymore.

He knows what he looks like, walking into that professional bedsit-esque lodging hall. He has one duffel bag, the same Army issue he took with him to Angelus, thrown over his shoulder. His jeans are scuffing along the halls, ragged hems trailing along tiled floors with a hissing noise. A few people pass him, tweed and khaki and business casual polos. He does not fit in with this—his housemates, classmates, community—yet again, and moves faster to get to his room.

When he enters, Alex cannot help but shake his head in amusement. KSA—with the depths of creativity they plumb for their student body—only created repeats of their student rooms for the professors. The room was 10 feet square, at the outside, with a bare twin sized bed, a desk and a closet. He knows there is a bathroom just 15 feet from his door that he shares with the other 3 rooms in this corner of the hall. He knows all of this, and wishes he was back home in Angelus already.

He unpacks his clothes slowly, as if that would kill his time better. As if that would make him long for home less. Pushing sweatshirts into drawers, hanging up jeans, filling only half of the little wardrobe with the few clothes he brought. The duffel ends up rolled tightly in the top of the closet, next to his umbrella, pushing dust around in that way that only a college collects it. He puts it all away in quick time, despite his aspirations for procrastination.

His laptop is out on the table already, music playing to push away the silence of the room. Bands Luke introduced him to. Bands that played in the café before he left, demo CDs from unknowns that will probably never make it out into the real music scene. He wonders if they will ever be big stars, out there in the world, when he thinks he is, more than likely, the only one who plays their music on his stupid MP3 player. He wonders if becoming a star is what they ever planned for in the first place.

He unpacks his clothes, unpacks his life, into a small 10 by 10 room at the end of a hallway in the Sifu dorms. He makes the room seem as much like home as possible, though he is so far away from it. Alex tries to make the best of the situation he finds himself in, hoping the night sky is clear tonight, as a paper gets pushed beneath his door.


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