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chicks, pants, showing it all, dancing
About Sin.

They are basically still strangers. There should be some distance between them that is still in play after only knowing each other a few days. He knows that, and he knows that there is something to be said for ignoring propriety and following her a little bit. There is something to be said for finding out more about her by seeing who she is outside of large groups of roaming college students. He knows he should not, because it would mean that he is letting himself be intrigued by a girl far too soon. Far too quickly, considering his history.

He cannot help himself. He just wants to know… more. More about her than he can read in little online journal entries, more than he can see from who she talks to in the common room at their dorm. So he watches her from a distance, the trailing strands of her bondage pants flapping in the wind as she skates to and fro. She is not nearly what he expected from her posts online, though it should not be that way. She invites him over to her room and they talk. They hang out. A few hours of talking and already he is offering her a spare key to his dorm and flattering her with comments about how pretty she is.

Sin does not bother looking back at how fast they got together because it just feels right. In a series of months that make absolutely no sense to him, he smiles and laughs and has fun with her. There is nothing physical about the relationship for almost 2 years, nothing beyond cuddling, and sleeping in bed together. There is physical closeness and fulfilling a skin hunger they did not know they had. They have this need to hold each other and be within each other’s space until it is frightening. But there is no sex and he does not really think about it. They are still like strangers in that respect for a long time, but feel like they have known each other forever.

And he finds out new things about her everyday that make him wonder if he ever knew her at all. He is not sure he has ever seen the fairy tattoo on her hip. There are blanks in her past that she does not talk about, and will not talk about no matter when they are together. There is a place inside him that worries about that, that she is hiding that from him, but he does not push the subject. He always ends up meeting someone in her family that he has never seen before. He is sure that getting together within a few weeks was a rush, but he feels that he should know something by now.

He should know something. But all he can think is that he cannot live without her. Not now. There is just her in his life. And he can manage with a few surprises every now and again.

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i like this a lot too. i like the insight into sin's first thoughts on aspasia. (the following bit is actually cute instead of stalkery :-P)

is this nowish? does he still feel like he doesn't know her?

sort of nowish, with all the past-tense. everything up to now, i guess. he feels like there are pieces of her that he still doesn't understand, and things that she has yet to tell him that he's not going to force her to tell... but still nags at him a bit. but, i mean, it's ok. you can still love someone without knowing everything about them. it makes the relationship.... fun.

(fun may not be the right word, but it's working right now.)

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