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chicks, pants, showing it all, dancing
From Sin.

She is still here. Or I am still there. It is too early for me to be able to tell the difference between her room and mine. It is too early for thinking about whether this is her room or not, or anything but contentment. I am just in awe of the fact that she is still here, and that I am still here. Not even the early morning can spoil my mood.

I can feel her here, pressing curves against me beneath a blanket or two that one of us pulled up sometime during the night. Was it me? I do not remember. My mind feels strangely blank and it is one of the better feelings I have had. All the thoughts are just... escaping my mind, and all I can do is run a few fingers along the bare skin of her back, just barely visible beneath the covers. I feel warm all over and it is bliss, I am sure.

Last night, we... and she... and it was... beautiful.

I feel bad, knowing it is still dark and the bed is warm with her, but I have to get up. I have to do something before I wake her up and annoy her with vast amounts of babble. I untangle myself from her and slip from the bed, watching with a bated sigh as she settles into the residual warmth of us, dark hair tangling so prettily against her cheek. As quietly as I can, I pull on as much of my clothes that I can find, leaving me shirtless in the dark. No matter.

I leave the door cracked just a bit before inching to the kitchen in the common room. It was my room after all, I think blearily, before I walk past a mirror. I have to stop a moment and see if that was really me in the mirror. My hair is sticking up in all directions, but more than that, there is smile on my face that I cannot wipe off. A big, goofy smile that says words about what just happened last night between us.

I shake my head and head to the refrigerator, intending to make a breakfast for us. I have to do something with myself, because I can feel the endorphins escaping me. I can feel my happiness wavering as I hum and set the toaster to work. I am almost afraid to go back to the room to see that she has left. Maybe she does not want to see me anymore after this. I shake my head, and go about making more things for breakfast, scrambling eggs at the very last moment. I am beginning to shiver with the cold seeping around the floor from the open common room windows. I wish I could have found my socks, at least, before I had left my room, but it was not important. Dawn was beginning to creep up the sky, and breakfast was upon me.

I carried the full breakfast on a spare tray in the room back to my dorm, edging the door open with a soft kick. The light is still off and she is still asleep, and I find that entirely endearing, though I have to wait a moment before my eyes readjust. I finally place the tray down on her side of the room, turning on a lamp by the bedside before I move to wake her up. I push a few strands of hair away from her eyes, marveling at how heavy and thick it is before gently waking her. I cannot help but think how gorgeous she is, even asleep.

She wakes slowly, eyes blinking rapidly against the light. I smile and wait until she is fully up before I speak. “Good morning, a stór. I have coffee.” My heart skips a beat as she yawns and the sheet she has tucked around her slips a bit before she tucks it back in.

I cannot believe that this goddess in my bed is mine. Not until I feel her lips press against mine in a kiss as sweet as she is. “Thank you, Sin,” she whispers and I have to kiss her again to taste that chocolate and light and sweet taste that is all my Aspasia.


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