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chicks, pants, showing it all, dancing
From the Round Table.

It was strange, coming to the last session of the Round Table discussions they had been having the whole month of November. It was nice, knowing you had someone there that you could air out some old grievances with, and not worry so much about the repercussions of saying what you said. And as they talked more on the topics that had come up in this final night of the group, Louise could see that they were drawing out their stories to an almost uncomfortable point before stopping and having a quick silence that was filled with yet another person’s anecdote. She smiled slightly at that, not really wanting to get away from this little oasis in a world that was seriously lacking in a sense of community.

Nisha was lying on the laps of the three males in the group, held up by one or two arms along the length of her. “Why have we been missing out and not done this before? This is quite possibly the most comfortable I have been all month.”

“You are too heavy for this,” Nix moaned jokingly, bouncing his legs gently like they were about to collapse. “Thought you said you were a vegetarian.”

“She is,” Alex said, as though he knew. “Have you ever had Tofurkey at Thanksgiving? Spongy, almost like that compressed deli turkey that you get and it feels like slime. I have the feeling that my stomach will never recover properly.”

Louise kept smiling, and turned back to the notebook she had been writing in and listened with half an ear to the conversations going on between her 4 subjects.

“Tofurkey?” Sin gave a stifled giggle. “What is that, again?”

Nisha gave a long suffering sigh, as if she had given this same explanation several times before, and it was possible she had given the explanation to Sin more than once. “It is tofu molded into the shape of a turkey. My mom decided to be all vegetarian this year for me. It was a nice gesture, if nothing else.” She rolled her eyes up so she could look at the Irish boy who was supporting her head. “Never had it, then?”

“Never, thank God. I think I will stick with poultry for the time being. Real meat for a real boy, yeah?” he said semi –seriously, petting her head lightly.

“Oh, you are a real boy, then, laddie?” Nix asked with a terrible accent he was trying to pass off as Irish. “What does that make me?”

“A very self –sufficient girl,” Nisha quickly replied, filling in a smart comment before anyone else could say something dirtier.

Nix laughed. “I think I know a couple of people who would disagree.”

“Then they have never seen your skirt collection, have they, Nicky?” Alex asked with a laugh. “You do make quite a pretty girl, when you put your mind to it.”

“Shame I never caught your eye, then, Alex. I think we could have done some great things together. Maybe even get you to make more noise. Though, it may not have been very intelligent noises,” Nix flirted shamelessly with the boy.

Nisha groaned and covered her ears. “Ewww, gay boy talk! Make it stop!!” she cried out jokingly.

Nix blew her a raspberry. “You know you like it.”

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lol, okay, i was just reading through this, and this made me giggle aloud and potentially wake up the girls in the room next to me. i love the connections and camaraderie in this group.

i'd love to see a big group experience, a party or dinner out or something, with these four + my girls.


i'm trying to wait til the last possible second to re-read. i have no clue how i'm going to lay it out, so i really really wanna wait til i get these last 20 or so done.

also... WOO. only 20 or so prompts left!!! i'm past 3/4ths done!

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