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chicks, pants, showing it all, dancing
About Sin.

It is the first of her birthdays that they are celebrating together, and he is more nervous than he thinks he has ever been in his life. Though they met each other less than a year ago, it feels like they have known each other forever. They say they love each other and there is nothing that can stop them from believing it. He has to make this beautiful for her, he knows, and he is stopping at nothing to do it.

It is November, and they are just back from their Thanksgiving break. She took him home with her, and he was overwhelmed by the general acceptance he found in her family. Not everyone loved him, but he understood. It was enough that they were together and she was happy. It is November, and she is having a birthday almost immediately after their return. He wanted something special, something intimate and relaxed and perfect for just the two of them to celebrate.

It took him 7 store associates and 13 separate aisles to find out that what he called ‘fairy lights’ were the holiday lights for the Christmas season. He bought several boxes, intending to set up a sort of fairy bower in his room for the two of them. It was safer than candlelight, and would last a little longer, to say the least. He smiled brightly at the cashier as he paid for them, imagining the look on his Pacie’s face as he gave her a gift he had been aching to find the right time to give. It was not made for a Christmas gift, not by a long shot. But he was sure that it was perfect for her birthday.

He had it planned to the last detail, even leaving a note on her door for her to come to his room late that evening. He plugged the lights in as he spread them up and around the room, flipping the switch to pray that it would give the effect he wanted. And as it began to glow with a cheery but subdued light, he heard a soft knock at the door. He grinned, giving a last glance to the room, making sure everything was perfect. Picnic basket? Blanket? Fairy lights? All in order, just like he wanted. He turned to the door, feeling the weight of the velvet box in his pocket make his heart even lighter.

She hugged him as he opened the door, soft and comfortable in an old tee shirt and pajama bottoms. He held her close and tightened a bit when he heard her gasp of delight before letting her go.

“Oh my gosh, Sin,” she breathed.

“You like?” he whispered, wanting it so much he felt like he could die a happy man if only she would say yes.

She walked into the room as he stepped aside, looking wide eyed at everything around her. “Very much.” She looked back at him fondly. “You are too sweet, Sin.”

He pulled the red velvet box out from his pocket and put it into her hands, steering her over to the picnic he had laid out. “I am not done yet.”

And when she let him put the necklace on her, he could only think that it was fitting that a Celtic knot would represent eternity, and how she had taken over every aspect of his life — earth, sea and sky.


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