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chicks, pants, showing it all, dancing
From Alex.

I think that there is only one holiday I have never missed, not even when I moved across the Atlantic Ocean to Angelus. My birthday is something that has never been an issue, as someone who knows and or loves me.

There are holidays that, no matter where you are in the world, you will celebrate. Christmas is the most obvious example. There is the lights and the sounds, the carolers and the foods. They say that, during World War I, the Germans and the Brits called a truce on Christmas for the day and played soccer between the two lines of troops, friendly as you please with exchanging gifts and the like. And even though they were back fighting within the week, they still had Christmas and that was common between them both.

Thanksgiving is not like Christmas. Outside of the United States, it is just any other day. The formula of 4 Thursdays before Christmas? It means nothing to anyone but Americans. It is a real shock to the system to be out of the country on Thanksgiving, one of only 2 Americans where you are.

My first Thanksgiving in Angelus, Tyler felt sorry for me. He took me out to a pub, bought me a pint, and told me that it is good to be thankful. Thank God you have friends here and that you are alive and that he has not followed you here or found you yet. He said be thankful we do not have to cook a turkey or lie to families about how we were doing what when we were with whoever we were with that time. Tyler slurred his thanks to me over a dozen drinks between us, slugging through my mushy brain to incite a similar thanks to him from me.

My first Thanksgiving in Angelus, I was so pissed, I could not stand straight, and I figured it was just as well. With alcohol replacing the blood in my veins, I could collapse on my bed and forget that I have a family at home. I could forget that my father was still looking for me to ruin my life more. I could just lie in bed and thank God that there was such a thing as aspirin and acetaminophen for hangovers and the day after overindulgence. My first Thanksgiving away from home, I was insanely happy.

And, since then, with the drinks out of my system and someone to balance me, I am a lot better about the holidays. I do not need turkey and dressing. It is not like I had a family at home that made me wish for the holidays. It was usually just me and my sorry excuse for a father, Jude. Who am I to talk against the blessings that have come with the move across the pond? I have my Luca Charleston, and she has me. I have friends in Tyler and Kyden, Spencer, and Dominic. I do not need to worry about money. I am thankful because I am alive. For once, I have what I need.

Who needs a holiday to remember that you are one lucky bastard, lucky beyond all compare? Who needs Thanksgiving to tell you that you are happy?


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