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chicks, pants, showing it all, dancing
About Alex.

There is no reason to think that Alex Anakerov has had any enemies in his lifetime. Of all the people that he has been familiar with, it is agreed that he is the most easy –going and sweet person they know. He does not make enemies because there is so little of him to hate. If there was any reason to be his enemy, it does not make itself known easily.

Despite his loveable nature, Alex has one enemy. His father, Jude Cavanaugh. A man who never gave a reason for his malice or his hatred toward his only son. Alex only knew that they stood on opposite sides of a great divide.

Alex and his father have been enemies for as long as he can remember. There has been nothing to hold them together. Nothing like love or their joint loss in Alex’s mother, Irina’s death. There was nothing between them but harsh words and anger. Nothing but condemnation and fear where there should have been love and tenderness and affection.

For as long as he has been alive, Alex has hidden from his father’s rage. It started with running away to his grandmother’s house, running away to his Baba for safety. The older woman kept him safe for as long as she could, not wanting to let him go back to a house where there was nothing but evil. But eventually there was no room for her to do so. Jude would come to the house, pleading for his son back, with police officers to back him up when she refused to turn him over. She had to release the boy back into his father’s custody, no matter what her opinion was on the matter. Despite all the facts to the contrary, Alex’s grandmother could only offer him a brief respite from the hurt and abuse of his home.

Alex began hiding himself away in a gym. There he found a new way out in his exercising, in building muscles. If he could not get away, he would have to fight back. Alex did not make enemies, but if they made one of him, there was no reason he could not give them a just reason. He began training, learning self -defense, as well as some offensive techniques so that if there was nothing else, at least he would not continue to be hurt at his father’s hands.

He trained for years, enduring the bitter hatred of his father stoically, never saying a word. He did not say anything and just bore the brunt of his father’s disgust and anger until his 15th birthday. When Alex turned 15, he could not take it anymore. He stood up to his enemy and fought back with the anger that had been welling inside him for years. It did not take long because Jude had never prepared for a counter –attack.

When Alex was 15, he moved in with Joanna, hiding from his enemy, retreating until a more favorable season.


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