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chicks, pants, showing it all, dancing


See the Shadows of Innocence and Sanity

a shadow of the day

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chicks, pants, showing it all, dancing
From Sin.

“Dance?” The sound of laughter ricocheted around the room, sounding unnaturally loud to my ears, wishing I’d never confided anything to the boy. “You are a dancer?”

“Yes. Dance. It would probably help your slow feet, you know.” I inwardly cringed, wishing I didn’t sound so defensive to my own ears. I knew he could hear it too, and would only take the Mickey out of me to boot. I tried to cover it, a false sense of nonchalance glossing over my words. “You should try it. It is not half bad,” I said, trying to sound like it was the most natural thing for a young man of 18 to do. Because dancing is so high on a manly man’s list; right up there with beer and belching and football. And women. Because we manly he –men only think about things like that.

Trey looked at me askance, amusement and incredulity mixing in his sight. “Me? Dance? Like the rest of the poofs out there you dance with? Not a chance. You can keep it up though. I’m sure you are getting your fair share of offers to keep it up too.” He laughed again, the showers around us making the echo of it seem enormous. I should have kept my mouth shut. I should have just told him that I had family plans and that was why I would not be coming to his house to hang out.

We went about our business under our separate showerheads, my eyes carefully averted from anything but myself. For the first time, I felt entirely out of place with my team. As if it was not bad enough that we had the communal showers, my experiences in dance made me seem like a prime target for the butt end of jokes. I did not want Trey getting the wrong idea about me, as it was turning out anyway.

“No peeking when I come out of here, Trick. I do not want you getting any ideas,” Trey stage –whispered over the low concrete wall between us. I groaned silently, wishing more and more that I had not spoken to him about something so important to me.

“You should feel privileged if I looked at you, seeing as no one else wants to,” I joked, hoping to alleviate some of the tension between us. “Not that I would want to anyway. I have seen you already running. You are skinnier than me.”

Trey pulled my shower curtain back, leaving me open to his sight. “Oh, so you have been watching me. I will have to tell you, I do not swing that way. You will have to find some other ass to ogle.” He crossed his arms, a smirk sliding across his face. “Sexy as my ass is, I understand how hard it will be.”

I fought for my composure, feeling close to the brink of telling him off in a completely clear way. “I would ask whose ass you were comparing yourself to, but you would accuse me of being a poufter myself. So I will just leave it at this: you have to be last on anyone’s list, Bony Butt.”

Trey laughed harder. “Knew you were looking, you fruit. I better tell these other guys to watch out.” I threw my soap at him and ignored his laugh. Ruddy teammates.