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chicks, pants, showing it all, dancing
From Sin.

I hate jewelers and their little shops. They pretend to care that you are buying a piece of your future. They all want to push certain overpriced and low quality items in your direction, hoping you are blinded by love, or young and foolish. With fast talking and a flash of sparkling rings and things, they expect you to drop your wallet and give them whatever they ask for. I hate shopping at a jeweler’s shop, because I do not have the heart to say no when I need to. That is how I got saddled with a thousand dollar tennis bracelet bill for Lila, and then not having Lila with to go with it.

I tend to shop online for jewelry now. There is no hassle, no pressure, and endless choices. You can click for hours and see everything that there is to be seen, and find the perfect choice for whatever you need. There is Ebay. And auction houses. There are so many stores that sell only online, and retail chains that have stores online as well, in case the local store does not have what you are looking for.

I am looking for a fáinne gealltanais, an engagement ring for my love.

Before, when we were in Louisville, her home, I gave her a promise ring. I promised her that I would be hers, and only hers. She promised me that she would be mine. It is on her finger now, while she is fast asleep in her bed across the room. The moonlight catches it just right some nights, and the ring is blinding. No one does it anymore, I was told. No one gives a girl a promise ring unless they are too young to marry or they are old fashioned.

I guess that would make me old fashioned. And proud to be.

I want to marry her. I want to be with her for as long as she will have me, even to forever. More than anything, I want her to know that she is the only one for me, the woman who holds the key to my heart, and the woman who I will be faithful to for always.

What ring will say that? Would a diamond? Could I settle for a chip of glass on a skinny band, barely sparkling in the light like her eyes do when she laughs? No, it would hardly do. A diamond is gaudy and the same thing over and over again. It’s too cliché, and one thing my chuisle mo chroí, my love and pulse of my heart, is not. Aspasia Starr Aleron is anything but cliché and ordinary.

I searched randomly for ruby rings online. It was only a Google search, nothing very intense. And I found the ring I wanted to give her, a ring that could say everything that is between us and everything I hope for the future. White gold wrapped doubly around her finger, with two rows of diamonds crisscrossing 4 square rubies. It was not large, or flashy. It was simply... her. It was simple and beautiful and nothing ordinary.

I bought it, knowing it was perfect for her. Knowing no diamond would do, I bought her 4 rubies, tied together like we are tied, like our lives are entwined.

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aw. and, aw. and girly smiles and giggles on my part. this makes me happy.

It’s too cliché, and one thing my chuisle mo chroí, my love and pulse of my heart. Aspasia Starr Aleron is anything but cliché and ordinary.

should the the period be a comma? one sentence? i'm not sure. it feels kind of funny either way, i think. though the sentiment is adorable and makes me squee.

will fix. it should've been alright, but you know... it was too early to write.

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