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chicks, pants, showing it all, dancing
About Nisha.

“Do you actually believe all that crap?”

“What crap?” she asked nervously, wondering what she was in for this time. Not that Megan actually was going to punish her or anything like that. But the opening she was given did not bode well for the rest of the conversation.

“That whole... God created the earth in 7 days and gay people should die and that is not natural but Oak Express is and God will destroy you if you are not exactly what they say you should be and it does not matter if that is you or not...” she waved her hand vaguely while her eyes pierced the girl on her bed, “thing your parents teach you.”

“Oh.” Oh, that. Nisha tried to evade her friend’s stare, letting her eyes follow the wires holding up the higher dorm bed as she tried to think of how to answer. “I—.” I do not know. I have never known. I hate that we have to talk about this again.

“I mean, it is just so stupid! Blind faith and it is just ignorance. How can you just believe all of that when there is so much proof that it is not even like that?”

Nisha glanced at Megan without making eye contact. In their whole friendship together, this was the sticking point. Faith. Religion. Beliefs and how it could or could not coincide with science. Agree with science. She had thought about arguing that faith cannot be blind, that it is an assured expectation of things hoped for, like having faith that someone will be home soon because you know that they called when they got to the airport and picked up their ticket…but she did not feel like making the effort. She went back to staring at the pale green mattress above her head, trying to bore holes in it with her powers of mental persuasion.

Megan kept rattling on, spewing prattle about how we have proof of evolution, but no proof of creation. Nisha almost thought to say something about how life appeared, and then we have no proof of a missing link, and how even if life evolved, who believes that any evolving we have now makes us better? She thought about it, but did not say a word as Megan ranted on about the different kinds of evolution and how her mother turned into some Jesus freak when she found out her daughter believes in evolution and she knew her mother ought to understand that it is possible to believe that God set evolution into motion, right?

“See, that is where people are so stupid! They just believe that God is so narrow that he only created something simple and for one purpose. God is powerful enough to make a million purposes for something. And another thing about the ‘God created this so perfect’ stuff. The eye is not perfect. I should know.”

Nisha turned over in the bed to stare over at the girl at the computer who was now passionately raving about the other fantastical ideals in the world. She watched the curve of the girl’s mouth, the way it framed every word and the eyeliner around her eyes making everything stand out in bright relief. She was sure at some point she would have to make some kind of motion of agreement or disagreement, but she was content for the moment to sit and watch the girl at work.

Same old topic, same old girls; but it never hurt in the retelling.

“I am right, right? You agree?”

She gave a non-committal nod. “If it makes you feel any better, I do not believe gay people should die.”



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