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(the round table) light, from sin
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From Sin.

Shadows catch in her dips and hollows, in the curves of her hips and spine, when it is barely light enough to be called morning. Blinds cast her in strips of shadow across her legs, across tangled sheets and the fuzzy curve of a blanket to ward off the slight chill from the air conditioner. I am sitting in the window, and I cannot take my eyes off of her.

The light glints in through the window, green and yellow, pale and weak. It is shaking me to sit here, awed by her and unable to stop myself from tracing the knobbed line of her spine to where it disappears in a bar of shadow and flare of cover. My fingers have touched that line, felt it warm and velvet smooth against my skin.

She shifts in the bed, bringing her left hand out into the sunlight. The fiery ring on her third finger sparkles bright as the light in her eyes when she laughs, not nearly as warm as when she says she loves me. Has it been quite so long since I gave it to her? I cannot help but smile as I feel my heart beat double-time and pride suffuses me. It is only a moment and I am suddenly by her side, kneeling beside the bed to caress her hair away from her face.

Sleepy warm, she smiles without opening her eyes. “S’too early, lover.”

“I know,” I whisper back, but cannot take my eyes from her face, the light in her eyes when she opens them and invites me back into bed.


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