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The Round Table, Alex : Why
need friends, slipping away, let go
About Alex.

He does not realize it, but she is just using him. She does not know what she wants herself—-her, him, family or something else entirely—-so how could she possibly make this mean something? How could she infuse this fling with any lasting emotion?

She is just using him, and he is so desperate starved for affection that he does not notice how empty their relationship is. He lies back and listens to the storm rage outside the window and does not know why he feels like there is something missing again. He does not think of Luke. Or Angelus. Or the life he had built outside of the states.

He is become her experimental phase—the sex she has to decide whether she is straight or bent. And it is good, for both of them. And it is horrible, for both of them. All he can think is that it felt wrong. It felt wrong, and uncomfortable, and he wishes he was anywhere but beneath her covers, feeling their bodies radiating the others’ heat back.

He does not know why he is still in Boston, lying in Nisha’s bed. He knows the way her skin feels when she is sated—sticky hot and slick, satin skin stretched across a svelte frame. He is heard her heart beating and thumping muffled against his ear, regulating his own pulse. His affairs are all finished...

All finished, except the one where he finds himself in another woman’s bed without a reason why.

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ouch. big ouch.

am still working on a sort of fluffy hopefully sort of lovely bit with sin and pacie. you'll be the first to know when it's done.

are our old logs between them still up on SECA/KSA?

they should be. i've never taken anything down.

yay for fluff!! i'm having a kinda shitty day today, so that (*points above*) is all spinning out from that and a serious lack of sleep.

yis. ouch. i'm trying to figure out when alex became a total manwhore. but, i have the sinking suspicion that he's always been that way. like... really easy. *shakes head* heh.

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