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chicks, pants, showing it all, dancing
From Alex.

I was not asleep. Ever since I had gotten back, my allergies had made it nearly impossible to breathe quietly. Sleep is elusive at best, non-existent at worst. I was not asleep. And I could tell that she was nowhere near asleep either.

The storm had been building outside for hours before she walked out to the sheltered little balcony, the air charged and tense wherever we turned. I was sure she felt it too, a tic between her shoulder blades. Like the compulsion to cut, to bruise, to damage. I was sure she knew what it meant when our orbits, usually so close, spun wildly separate. How could she not see it?

The wind that rushes in as she opens the balcony door is chilling, a sharp drop from the heat of shared covers and closer bodies. It is jarring, even as I find what little sleep I wish for escapes again. My gaze drifts up towards the ceiling, drawing patterns in the dark that no one can see. I whisper poetry at an empty room, know she is unaware.

I keep telling myself to go back. To leave this place. It has become far too comfortable to crawl into Nisha’s bed night after night, holding her tightly, frame to frame. It is as though her body fits mine in places where Luke failed.

Air whooshes out of me at the thought, and I am stunned enough to lose my litany of mindless poetry. I have not thought of Luca like that, like something lacking, in all our time together and apart. I feel panicky suddenly, thinking it is now getting to be too late, too much time apart. I have forgotten the way she feels against my skin, how she looks when she is loose and pliant and content. It shakes me, leaving me breathless and longing.

The storm outside is slowly calming, but the storm inside me has just begun as Nisha comes back to bed and lays a damp hand against my chest.

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unexpected development, at least in my eyes. but a very interesting one.

it's way!future fic. i think. it was unexpected for me too. but i think there's really nothing going on between them. but she's there. and he's there. and it's.... yeah. odd situation.

i'd like to read more of it.

did you have any more questions about shay or pacie?

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