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chicks, pants, showing it all, dancing
From the Round Table.

They pass around their schedules dutifully, knowing that there is very little in common between them. Louise had forgotten that she did not recruit these volunteers from one psychology class or another. This was a truly diversified group. She smiled a little sheepishly and asked them to take their schedules back.

“Sorry about that,” she said after they had settled back into their seats, folded papers tucking shallowly into pockets. “Force of habit.” She shrugged, and decided to try a different tack. “How about you just tell us what your major is, and why you are in that field?”

Nisha snorted a little. “I will just add in the field I am teaching, and let that be that, then?”

“Right,” Louise half laughed again. “How about you start then, Nisha? Just to get the ball rolling.”

Her dark eyes rolled, a feat seen from every vantage point in the room, which was quite the accomplishment, on the whole. “My area of expertise, you could say, is theatre. At least, that is what I am teaching. There was a vacancy in the department when it came to Minorities in Theatre, and considering my experience at Walnut Hill and all, I guess I just fit in where they needed me.” A tiny smile worked its way across her lips. “I have always loved theatre, though. Going to see Broadway plays, the local actors’ and dinner theatres… It has always been the most enjoyable time of my life.” She scrubbed a hand across her eyes, smudging the little bit of eyeliner she had left across the bridge of her nose before noticing it and wiping it away.

“I am kind of all over the place,” Nix admitted softly. “A little dance, a little poetry, a little costuming and design, a lot of graphic design and art. Mostly art, though. I am majoring in Inking, with a focus on Graphic Design. I always wanted to be an artist, you know? But a lot of my talents are with paint, either abstract or unrealistically large, like mural size?” he paused for confirmation, “Or with computers and pencils, manipulating photos to where it only looks something like an original.”

“Like Photoshop?”

“Yeah, sort of like,” he nodded. Mock seriously, he added in a gruff voice: “But if anyone asks you, I am the best artist out there, got it?” Nix grinned as Nisha rolled her eyes again.

Sin leaned forward. “Dance? Why have I not seen you in any of my classes then?”

Nix shrugged lightly. “Dance major?” Sin nodded. “I have not had a dance class in a few semesters. Though, to tell you the truth, I am thinking of getting Shay to join a class and I will help her through it.”

“You should,” Sin said firmly. “Dance is one of the most liberating experiences out there. Everyone has their form of expression, of course. But dance allows you to leave off with words and pictures and scenarios. You show what you are, who you are, how you feel… all of it through a movement. A certain bend, a longer stretch—all points to this certain feeling, at this certain time. It’s why we jump for joy, or are down in the dumps, or are hopping mad.” They all smiled at this. “Actions, without words. That is why I dance.”

“You did well enough with the words you used, Sin. Well enough to make me reconsider a degree in Creative Journalism here,” Alex spoke, waving his hand generally between the two of them. “I have been out of the loop with classes for a few years, so I am not sure how well I would be doing at this point. I shall probably be with the lowly, in-coming freshman again. But, when you go without a voice for so long… when you cannot even speak, you begin to realize how precious words are. I think I am trying to catch up, make up for lost time, by writing. It is my one form of expression that I do not want to lose. I have lost so much time already…” He trailed off, wanting to keep one secret to himself awhile longer. He dropped his eyes from the group, staring at his hands as they shook with fine tremors in the still air.

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yay, you wrote! tis lovely. and sin was uncharacteristically verbose. it was kind of nice.

i'm working on that whole writing thing. trying. hard.

yeah, i know. strange for him. he kinda just went... *babbly*

anyway, i also know what you mean about the writing. i've got 2500 words to write otherwise on original fic... it's gonna be some kinda crazy.

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